Cardboard City at North Shore UU
Hi everyone,
Well we made it.  I actually slept out in a box last night. I can't believe how cold it was.  We had 28 people outside sleeping,  13 adults and 15 youth and children.  We had over 50 people attend our evening program, including the executive director of Pads of Lake county, (she even slept out with us)  and so far we have collected over $3000 for Pads of Lake county.  One family collected over $800 dollars.  A member of the congregation was here all evening and back this morning taking pictures.  He is going to put them into a presentation and give me copies of the CD this week.  I am looking forward to hearing how everyone else did.  The Trib was here and so was the Sun Times.  The Sun Times article will run Monday.  I don't know when the Trib article will run.  [editor's note: article will run on Wednesday, March 25th]
I am encouraging both adults and children to write about their experience and I will be collecting those and sending them on to Dori who hopes to create an article for the CMwD newsletter and I hope the UUA.
Steve thank you again for all you did to make this happen.  We are all so grateful to you for your hard work.  I am not sure I could have pulled this off without all the support of the web site which I know you played a major roll in creating and populating.
Blessings to all,


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