The thing that makes this project special is that even though churches throughout the district are working together.  Everything collected and all work done is for each church's local community.

Collection drive for a local food panty
An easy project to start with is to have a food or clothing drive for the locale food panty or resource center.  This is what makes this project different.  Even though it is a district wide project, the work you do is for the local community. 

You can help through:
Financial Donation
Through partnerships with parent orginizations many pantries can triple, even quadruple, your monetary donation. A $25 donation can purchase $75 - $100 worth of food. Donate now.
Food donations, diapers, personal goods, and cleaning supplies are always needed.  For a typical list of critical needs click on this link. Many pantries have a walk-in refrigerator and freezer capacity — they always need fresh and frozen foods! 
Pantries need volunteers Monday through Saturday to fill a variety of jobs.  Helping families select food, stocking shelves, unloading delivery trucks, accepting donations, and picking up food at local retailers are just some of the types of help needed.

Contact your local pantry for specific needs or look at the Resources tab to help find a pantry near you.

Put together treat bags for children
A collection drive for the local pantry or resource center that is aimed towards providing items to children.  It could be Halloween treats, school supplies, clothing, etc...
Another idea is to collect items for Birthday Boxes, for more information go to

Trick or Treat for local food pantry
Youth can send notices out to homes in their neighborhood letting them know that they will be collecting canned food when they come trick or treating.  It is suggested that parents follow their children with a wagon or in their car to help carry collected items.

Mitten Tree
Many churches have different traditions; one well known tradition is called the mitten tree.  A bare Christmas tree is placed in the social hall or a well traveled area of the church and people will decorate the tree with mittens, scarves and hats that will be donated to the local resource center.

Christmas Gift Tree
Another option is the Christmas Gift Tree.  The church could ask their local shelter to provide them with Christmas wish lists from clients.  The wish list can be listed on Christmas tags attached to a Christmas tree.  Church families can then select a tag from the tree and fulfill the wishes and place the gifts under the tree to be given to the families.

Empty Bowls Project
A project to provide support for food banks, soup kitchens, and other organizations that fight hunger.