Internal Publicity

Kickoff from the pulpit
   Okay, so your church leaders know about this project but how do you get the message out to the people?  From the pulpit of course.  Share the message that UU churches across the Central Midwest District of the UUA are working together in unison to relieve homelessness.  Religious Educator, Steve Cooper from DuPage UU Church in Naperville, IL created a story for all ages based on the Good Samaritan story.  This story works as an introduction to the topic of UU churches helping the homeless.  Both the script and accompanying powerpoint slideshow are available for download.  If you don't have projection capabilities the script can be modified to fit your abilities.  Click on the following links to download (Powerpoint and script).

Internal Publicity
The message about this project can be explained in the newsletter, during forums, on the church website or through any of the many other methods the church has for communications.
Click on this link to see a newsletter article written by Reverend Suzelle Lynch from the Unitarian Universalist Church West in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Before announcing this project to the congregation, you may want to give your church leadership (Youth RE, Adult RE, Social Action/Social Justice committees) a heads up.  A project overview slideshow and script has been created and can be found in the Resources tab.

High School Mini Con
Arrange a Mini-Con for three or four nearby UU churches.  Build a theme around homelessness by watching videos and having discussions, have a guest speaker or panel of previously homeless teens or young adults and plan a social action project.  This will build enthusiasm for the project from the youth and they will bring it home with them.