Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
The scavenger hunt is a fun activity for older youth and adults.  You create teams of four people along with an adult driver.
Each team is given a checklist of items to find in the community.  What they are looking for is typically what a homeless person would need to find.  A train or bus schedule; whether they can get a library card if they don’t have a permanent address; where they could take a shower or get cleaned up; apartment listings.  Each team is given $10.50.  The fifty cents is to be used to find a pay phone (yes, they do still exist) and call the program leader to check in.  The ten dollars is used at the end of the event to buy dinner for the team; realizing they have no way of cooking a meal and that it needs to be nourishing.

This is a great youth activity for experiencing what being homeless is like.  Each team has four members and an adult driver.  The driver is to concentrate on driving only, they are not part of the team.  There are two versions of the scavenger hunt and a prep list.  They can be retrieved from the below links:
Scavenger Hunt One
Scavenger Hunt Two
Scavenger Hunt Prep