Cardboard City

Cardboard City - Saturday, April 10th 2010
    On April 10th UU churches throughout the Midwest will stage cardboard cities at their churches with participants sleeping out in cardboard boxes, tents or in their cars.  On April 10th it might be 70 degrees and pleasant or it might be snowing.  (Provisions can be made to allow “sleepers” access to the church for safety reasons if the weather is too harsh.)
    This is a multigenerational event, so it is hoped that both adults and youth will participate.  The month before the event the “sleepers” will collect pledges for their night out and all money will be donated to each churches local organization of choice.  A single church can easily collect thousands of dollars.
    Now, not all churches have as much yard as this church, Cardboard City at duPage UU Church in Naperville, ILso this may be an opportunity for urban churches and suburban churches to work together and share their space.  Or the urban churches can choose to use the sidewalk in front of their church.

    This event is also an opportunity for publicity of the church.  It is hoped that even if the church does not participate in other program activities that they at least participate in this one.

Support Materials for Cardboard City (right click on below links and Save Target to download files)

Cardboard City Logos: (with room to personalize to your church)
    B&W (image updated 2/25/2009)

All documents are samples that you can adapt to your church's needs.
    Order of Service or Newsletter Announcement
    Volunteer form
    Pledge form (staple to the front of manilla envelopes)
    Youth Permission form and Medical InformationCardboard City Banner

    Church Banner and Publicity - Take a large cardboard box and paint on it "Will you live in Cardboard City?  April 10th"  Place the box with a sleeping bag sticking out near the church entrance Sunday morning for all to see.

(It is recommended that youth younger than sixth grade be accompanied by a parent for this event.)

Look in the Forum (Check-In tab) for more ideas.  You can add your own too!Foot in mouth

Share experiences - Sunday, April 11th 
    With such an experiential event such as this it would seem a waste if people did not share their experience.  So on March 22nd, after the sleepers have awoken and had breakfast (most likely oatmeal or pancakes served by volunteers) they can tell of their experience; either in the worship service, during a forum or during coffee hour.