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If your church does not currently have a viewing license for showing movies, we strongly encourage you to obtain a license before showing any of these or any other movies.  Christian Video Licensing International or Motion Picture Licensing Corporation are a couple of organizations to choose from that supply licenses.


Movies & Documentaries
Listed are movies and documentaries that carry a homelessness theme.  Some have downloadable discussion questions.  If you create discussion questions for any of the movies please share them through the community check-in forum.

Homeless in Paradise:  NR, 50 minutes:  This documentary follows four individuals who are homeless in Santa Monica, California. As they survive on the streets, Rick, Faye, Donna, and Simon struggle with addiction and mental illness, while receiving support from a city in crisis. From their perspective, we see a political and social system drawing fire from all sides of the political and social spectrum.
This video can not be found in rental stores.  You can purchase it if you wish by clicking on the above link or you can borrow a copy from this web site.  Click on the reservation link below to reserve a copy.  It will arrive in the mail to you at least one business day in advance of your planned viewing.  You will then be responsible for returning it within two business days.  A prepaid and addressed return envelope will be included with the DVD.  Video Reservations 

The Terminal  PG13, 129 minutes:  This romantic comedy revolves around an Eastern European man by the name of Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks), whose plans of immigrating to New York were hastened by a violent coup in his home country. Unfortunately, Viktor finds himself on the wrong end of a nasty technicality while en route to America: His passport was issued from a country, which, during its upheaval, ceased to exist in an official capacity. Unauthorized to leave Kennedy Airport upon his arrival and unable to return home, Viktor finds himself exiled inside the terminal's international transit lounge.

Cast Away  PG13, 143 minutes:  An exploration of human survival and the ability of fate to alter even the tidiest of lives with one major event.

The Pursuit of Happyness  PG13, 117 Minutes:  The rousing, true-life story of a single dad who went from living on the streets to owning his own brokerage firm is brought to the big screen by superstar Will Smith, appearing for the first time opposite his real-life son Jaden Smith.

30 Days On Minimum Wage (30 Days - Season 1, Disc 1):  Morgan Spurlock and his fiancée Alex leave their fabulous New York lifestyles behind for the heart of the Midwest, Columbus, Ohio. Morgan and Alex work at multiple minimum wage jobs for 30 days earning $5.15 per hour. They get to experience first hand the struggles minimum wage earning families face as Morgan’s niece and nephew come to live with them.

Conversations with God  PG, 109 Minutes:  An unemployed homeless man who once turned to God for the answers to life's problems decides to share the information he received with the rest of the world by penning a series of best-selling books.

Eighteen  NR, 105 minutes:  A troubled teen on the verge of manhood if forced to fend for himself when, on his 18th birthday, he is estranged from his family and effectively rendered homeless in a soul-searching drama.  (This is a very good movie but should be viewed by adults only)

Dark Days  NR, 84 minutes:  Novice filmmaker Marc Singer lived in the bowels of a midtown Manhattan railway station for two years to shoot this harrowing account of the day-to-day existence of the homeless. (Documentary)

Heater  NR, 87 minutes:  Account of two homeless guys who struggle through Winnipeg's harsh winter. Their prize possession is a cheap space heater that they still keep in its original box.

American Street Idols  NR:  This hard hitting documentary takes an unflinching look at the homeless population of Los Angeles' poverty stricken neighborhood known as Skid Row.

Everything's Jake  NR, 93 minutes:  Tale about a mysterious homeless guy. Jake lives relatively contently in his homeless routine -- he wakes in the morning, plays the bongos for change, and collects dog feces. Everything seems hunky-dory, as it were, until he encounters Cameron, who is attempting suicide. Jake takes the guy under his wing and shows him the ropes of life on streets.

First, Last and Deposit  NR, 92 minutes:  A woman hoping to make a better life for her family is plunged into a brutal cycle of poverty in this independent drama.

It Was a Wonderful Life  NR, 82 minutes:  For the six women profiled in the documentary It Was A Wonderful Life, the emphasis is on the word was. They all went from a comfortable middle-class existence to dire poverty and homelessness when the support of their husbands was withdrawn by divorce or abandonment.